14831 / AC Pressure Sensor Plus / Safety DIN Connector


14831 / AC Pressure Sensor Plus / Safety DIN Connector

SleepSense Pressure Sensors are designed to detect respiratory airflow and snoring for recording onto a polygraph, EEG or similar type of physiological recorder.  The internal Piezo Crystal senses minute pressure changes and filters them into two bands; one for slow waves to the flow channel and one for fast waves into the snore channel.  The sensor plugs directly into the electrode jack box, (no external power source is required), and a nasal or oral/nasal cannula is attached to the patient.

The SleepSense AC Pressure Plus sensor has two sensitivity setting switches on the side panels of the device.  When adjusted, these switches will increase or decrease the sensitivity of the snore or pressure channels if the signals are too strong or too weak for proper recording.

1 Year Warranty

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