9002-L90 / Semi-Reusable Inductive Plethysmography Band – Large (2/Pack)


9002-L90 / Semi-Reusable Inductive Belt, Adult Large (2-pack)

SleepSense Inductive Belts are designed to work with SleepSense Inductive Interface Cables.  When used together, the inductance of the inductive belts is exactly proportional to the cross section of the belt’s closed loop around the body; it therefore changes as the patient breathes.  The electronics in the system or interface box measure these inductance changes to generate a signal that is the most accurate and reliable replication of respiration waveforms.  Inductive belts easily connect to any PSG system compatible with inductive effort sensors through a dedicated SleepSense Cable.

SleepSense Semi-Reusable Inductive Belts are made of soft, stretchy material and are available in multiple sizes ranging from Child Extra Small-Adult XXL.  Hook & loop tabs on these belts attach anywhere on the belt itself, making adjustments very easy and keeping the profile slim and comfortable.  These belts have a low cost per use, are easy to clean and are made to last roughly 70 uses before needing replacement.

The 9002-L90 Semi-Reusable Inductive Plethysmography Belt is approximately 90cm in length and is the smallest adult size.

  • For use with SleepSense Inductive Interface Cables
  • Available in white or blue

60 Day Warranty

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