Inductive Interface Buckle, Chest, Child / Key Connector
April 12, 2019
Inductive Interface Buckle, Chest, Adult / Nomad Compatible
May 1, 2019
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Disposable Inductive System Kit, Adult / Nomad Compatible


9107NO-Kit / Disposable Inductive System Kit, Adult / Nomad Compatible


The SleepSense Disposable Inductive System features Pre-Cut Disposable Inductive Belts for easy sizing and Reusable Inductive Interface Buckles.  The Pre-Cut Disposable Inductive Belts weave through easy open tabs on the Reusable Inductive Interface Buckle, making this system easy for a patient to apply in a home setting.  The 9112NO Chest Inductive Buckle compatible with Nomad features a space to hold the monitor with within the Disposable Inductive System providing extra comfort for the patient and delivering high quality signals throughout the study.

The 9107NO-Kit includes:

  • 9111NO  Inductive Interface Buckle, Abdomen / Nomad Compatible
  • 9112NO  Inductive Interface Buckle, Chest / Nomad Compatible
  • 1352NO Straps for Nomad Inductive Interface Buckle (20-pack)
  • 9007-L120 Disposable Inductive Belt, 120cm length (20-pack)

Reusable Inductive Interface Buckles have a 1 year warranty.

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