SleepSense sensors have cleaning instructions listed within the User Manual of each item.  Wipe the sensor and cable with a non-corrosive to plastic cleaning solution.  Make sure the sensor is thoroughly dry before use.  Do not soak sensors.  Do not store sensors in an air tight container or bag.

SleepSense Reusable and Semi-Reusable Inductive Belts can be machine washed (gentle cycle, low heat), cleaned with detergents and/or wiped with various cleaning solutions.

For detailed cleaning information, please contact

All SleepSense products are latex free, CE and FDA approved.  SLP is ISO13485 approved.

SleepSense products are designed to meet the needs of sleep professionals worldwide and adhere to industry standards for monitoring various physiological parameters in sleep diagnostic testing.

SleepSense is a brand of SLP, a manufacturer of diagnostic sensors for the use in sleep labs worldwide.  For over 20 years SLP has been introducing innovative and high quality sleep diagnostic sensors into sleep markets worldwide.  The SleepSense line of sleep diagnostic sensors is designed to offer more accurate signal readings, higher durability and better patient compliance.