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PTFlow Thermistor Flow Sensor with Hanger, Adult / Alice 6 Compatible
November 10, 2017
ThermoCan Interface Cable Child / Alice 5 Compatible
November 10, 2017
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Reusable Airflow Sensor, Child / Alice 5 Compatible


1471 / Reusable Airflow Sensor, Child / Alice 5 Compatible


Comprised of three or four heat sensitive elements, respiration flow sensors are placed under the patient’s nostrils and produce a signal that is directly proportional to the temperature changes of air inhaled and exhaled during respiration.  SleepSense thermal airflow sensors generate a small analog electrical voltage that provides a clear, reliable indication of respiration airflow.  These sensors should be connected to the system’s thermal-flow input.  The SleepSense 1471 sensor is designed specifically for use with the Alice 5 system.

6 Month Warranty

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