MultiRIP SUM-Abdomen Cable
November 10, 2017
Inductive Interface Buckle, Abdomen / Alice 5 Compatible
November 10, 2017
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MultiRIP SUM-Chest Cable


PS9203 / MultiRIP SUM-Chest Cable


The SleepSense MultiRIP system measures the thoracic and abdominal effort signals and their sum to provide accurate and reliable respiratory effort signals used to assist the technician in identifying desynchronized chest and abdominal breathing.

The PS9203 SUM-Chest Cable has a black connector that plugs into a designated socket on the 9201 MultiRIP Module Box.  The other end of this cable has snap leads that will attach to any SleepSense Reusable or Semi-Reusable Inductive Belt.

  • For use with #9201 MultiRIP SUM Channel Module

Standard DIN Connector