Reusable Inductive Kit, Adult / Alice 5 Compatible
November 10, 2017
Semi-Reusable Inductive System Kit, Child- Blue
November 10, 2017
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Semi-Reusable Inductive Kit, Child- Safety DIN Connectors


9100P-Kit / Semi-Reusable Inductive Kit, Child / Safety DIN Connectors


The SleepSense Semi-Reusable Inductive Kit, Child includes the inductive interface cables as well as packs of two different sizes of Child sized belts.  SleepSense Semi-Reusable Inductive Belts are offered in a variety of sizes ranging from Child Extra Small-Adult XXL and have an expected life of roughly 70 uses.  Semi-Reusable belts are made of soft, stretchy material and are designed with Velcro(R) tabs that attach anywhere on the belt for easy adjustment.

The 9100P-Kit Includes the following:

  • 9101  Inductive Interface Cable, Abdomen / Safety DIN Connector
  • 9102  Inductive Interface Cable, Chest / Safety DIN Connector
  • 9002-L40  Semi-Reusable Inductive Belt – Child Small (2-pack)
  • 9002-L60 Semi-Reusable Inductive Belt – Child (2-pack)

Inductive Interface Cables are offered with a 1 year warranty.

Semi-Reusable Inductive Belts are offered with a 60 day warranty.