Multi-RIP Sum Module (Chest/Abdomen + Sum) / Safety DIN Connector
November 10, 2017
MultiRIP SUM-Chest Cable
November 10, 2017
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Multi-RIP SUM Channel Kit (Blue), Child


9212PB-Kit / Multi-RIP SUM Channel Kit, Child, Blue


The SleepSense MultiRIP SUM Channel System is designed to measure the thoracic and abdominal effort signals and their sum to provide accurate and reliable respiratory effort signals used to assist the technician in identifying desynchronized chest and abdominal breathing.

The 9212PB-Kit Includes the following:

  • 9201-Kit  MultiRIP Inductive Interface Module w/ SUM Channel & chest/abdomen wiresets
  • 9003-L40 Semi-Reusable Inductive Belt – Child Small, Blue (2-pack)
  • 9003-L60 Semi-Reusable Inductive Belt – Child, Blue (2-pack)

Standard DIN Connector

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