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Adult Disposable Inductive System Kit / NightOne Compatible
March 7, 2019
Adult Disposable Inductive System / Nox Compatible
April 3, 2019
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Adult Disposable SpO2 Sensor – Adhesive Micro Foam, 90cm (Box of 25)


8110F-DP100NA090 / Adult Disposable SpO2 Sensor – Micro Foam, 90cm / 7 Pin Connector (Box of 25)


SleepSense Disposable SpO2 Sensors are an adhesive  Micro Foam wrap type that is easy to apply and comfortable for the patient.  These sensors are completely disposable, accommodate a wide range of patients and provide high quality readings.  Sold in boxes of 25.

  • 3′ Cable Length, 90cm
  • Nonin(R) Compatible / 7 Pin Connector
  • Latex free