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November 30, 2021
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June 23, 2022
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7ft Child ThermoCan Cannula, single lumen


15816 / 7ft Child ThermoCan Cannula, single lumen (Box 25)


The SleepSense ThermoCan system monitors oral/nasal thermal airflow and nasal pressure at the same time.  Available in Adult or Child versions, with or without dual lumens for capnography monitoring, this cost effective solution is easy to use and comfortable for patients.

The SleepSense ThermoCan system has two parts; Disposable  ThermoCan Cannulas and a Reusable ThermoCan Interface Cable.  Disposable ThermoCan Cannulas are designed with a built-on thermal airflow sensor making it easier and more comfortable to monitor thermal, pressure and capnography at the same time.

Reusable ThermoCan Interface Cables have two gold pins that easily insert into the sides of Disposable Child ThermoCan Cannulas at the white beads, transmitting the thermal airflow signal to the PSG and replacing the need for reusable thermocouples/thermistors.

15816 Features Include:

  • Single lumen for pressure monitoring
  • Disposable, single use cannulas – infection control friendly
  • Monitors oral/nasal thermal airflow and nasal pressure

Use with SleepSense Child ThermoCan Interface Cables