Inductive Interface Buckle Set, Adult / NightOne Compatible
December 18, 2018
Disposable Inductive Belt, Child (20-Pack)
February 1, 2019
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Disposable Inductive System Kit, Child / Alice 6 Compatible


9154A6P-Kit / Disposable Inductive System Kit, Child / Alice 6 Compatible


The SleepSense Disposable Inductive System for Children feature Pre-Cut Disposable Inductive Belts for easy sizing and Reusable Inductive Interface Buckles that are small and lightweight for patient comfort.  The belts easily insert into the Inductive Buckles which hold the belts securely through the night but still allow for full adjustment anytime.  This system offers high quality signals and is easy to use.

SleepSense 9154A6P is a Universal cable, meaning it can be used on either chest or abdomen.

The 9154A6P-Kit Includes:

  • 9154A6P   Reusable Inductive Interface Buckle, Child, Universal / Alice 6 Compatible (2)
  • 9000C       Pre-Cut Disposable Inductive Belt, 60cm (20-pack)

1 Year Warranty on Inductive Interface Buckle

Buckles can be cleaned with any cleaner that is non-corrosive to plastic

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