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Disposable Inductive Belt, Child (20-Pack)
February 1, 2019
Disposable Inductive System Kit, Adult XL / Alice 6 Compatible
February 8, 2019
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Disposable Inductive System Kit, Child / Safety DIN Connector


9107P-Kit / Disposable Inductive System Kit, Child / Safety DIN Connectors


The SleepSense Disposable Inductive System Kit includes Chest & Abdomen Inductive Interface Buckles (9111P & 9112P) and one package of 9000C Disposable Inductive Belt, Child.  Small, lightweight materials provide a comfortable fit for young child patients.  SleepSense Disposable Inductive Belts for children are pre-cut for easier sizing and easily insert into the sides of two easy open tabs on the buckles.  The SleepSense Inductive Interface Buckle securely holds the belt in place yet allows for full adjustment of the belt at any time throughout the study.  This system provides clear, reliable signals and is easy to use.

  • 1 Year Warranty on Inductive Interface Buckles
  • Buckles can be cleaned with any cleaner that is non-corrosive to plastic