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Easy to use, a breeze to care for and more cost effective.

The SleepSense ThermoCan is a more convenient solution for monitoring thermal and pressure airflow simultaneously.  The ThermoCan contains two parts, Disposable ThermoCan Cannulas and a Reusable ThermoCan Interface Cable.  Disposable ThermoCan Cannulas are designed with a built-in thermal airflow sensor, making it easier and more comfortable to monitor thermal and pressure airflow at the same time.  Reusable ThermoCan Interface Cables have two gold pins that easily insert into the sides of ThermoCan Cannulas; transmitting the thermal airflow signal to your PSG system and replacing the need for reusable thermistors.  

The ThermoCan is available for nearly any in-lab PSG system and several of the Home Sleep Testing systems.  For more information on the ThermoCan, or other SleepSense products, please contact us at Sales@sleepsense.com or for international inquiries contact sales-int@slp-med.com 

Click here to view our product demonstration video!

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