Semi-Reusable Inductive Plethysmography Belt, Adult XXL – Blue (2/pack)
November 10, 2017
Semi-Reusable Inductive Kit, Adult / Safety DIN Connectors
November 10, 2017
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Reusable Inductive Belt / Nox-T3 Compatible


9010NX / Reusable Inductive Belt / Nox-T3 Compatible


The inductance of the SleepSense Reusable Inductive Belts is exactly proportional to the cross section of the belt’s closed loop around the body; it therefore changes as the patient breathes.  The electronics in the system or interface box measure these inductance changes to generate a signal that is the most accurate and reliable replication of respiration waveforms.  Inductive belts easily connect to any PSG system compatible with inductive effort sensors through a dedicated SleepSense Cable.

SleepSense Reusable Inductive Belts are made of high quality, soft materials and are easy to clean and care for.  These belts are fully adjustable (adult sizes) and employ a buckle closure to keep the belt in place throughout the study.

The 9010NX Reusable Inductive Belt is designed to work specifically with the Nox/T3 System.

  • For use with SleepSense Nox Compatible Abdomen Adapter Cable
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Fully adjustable (Adult)

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