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November 10, 2017
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November 10, 2017
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Multi-Press with Output Cables


14840-Kit / Multi-Press with Output Cables

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SleepSense Pressure Sensors are designed to detect respiratory airflow and snoring for recording onto a polygraph, EEG or similar type of physiological recorder.  The internal Piezo Crystal senses minute pressure changes and filters them into two bands; one for slow waves to the flow channel and one for fast waves into the snore channel.  The sensor plugs directly into the electrode jack box, (no external power source is required), and a nasal or oral/nasal cannula is attached to the patient.

The SleepSense MultiPress Kit includes the following:

  • 14840 MultiPress Module
  • PS14840 MultiPress Output Cables
  • PS14842 MultiPress Output Cable 3/32″ male

The detection of airflow is done by attaching either an ETCO2 or a standard cannula to the sensor and the patient.  The airflow sensed through the nose will then provide both a nasal airflow signal and a snore signal.  There are two sets of cables for connection to the recorder.  One is for the airflow channel and one is for the snore channel.  The two black connectors are connected internally in the sensor.  The sensor can be connected to a nasal CPAP mask using standard respiratory tubing instead of using a cannula.  When connecting an O2 cannula to the sensor always use the luer connector to connect to the sensor box.  The ETCO2 cannula should be connected directly to the sensor box.  The recorder’s High Pass filter should be set at the lowest possible setting in order to maximize the time constant.

1 Year Warranty