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Abdomen Inductive Interface Cable (Safety DIN Connectors)


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Inductive Interface Cable (Abdomen) / Safety DIN Connectors

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SleepSense Inductive Interface Cables allow you to connect any SleepSense Inductive Belt to nearly any PSG System.  Designed as a plug and play replacement for Piezo Effort Sensors, the output of inductive bands is exactly proportional to the cross section area of the band's closed loop around the body.  It is therefore changing as the patient breathes.  The electronics in the interface box measure these inductance changes to generate an AC signal that is an accurate and reliable replication of respiration waveforms. Safety DIN Connectors

1 Year Warranty

For use with SleepSense Inductive Belts


Please Note:  Using two chest or two abdomen interface cables on the same patient may cause interference.


User Manual

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